Every night, I'm either snapping diapers or cutting fabric for more products. I keep forgetting that I have hook and loop tape (aka Velcro) that desperately needs to be used up and there it sits, next to my snaps. At this point of the day, I've become a mindless zombie and can only remember that some diapers need specific colors and that all snaps have an order to them, not that some stock items can wait for the easier option of adding the loop tape to them! 

Amazingly my son is bouncing off the walls at 11:22PM. If there ever was a good reason to put him to work, I'd do it, but instead he's playing with PUL scraps and making a supervised mess. This is my break time moment to whine about exhaustion and be dramatic, I'm trying my best to condense it down to 10 minutes before I have to clean up the mess my little tornado is leaving in his wake.

One of these months I will find a reason to justify posting sneak peak photos in here of different things I am working on. At the moment I'm focusing on Diaper Covers and Wet Bags and daydreaming about other products I would like to make. I hope I never get to a point where I feel like I've made everything I could possibly make for this business. So far, the pos

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